Rental Look Bigger

The majority of apartments in Tennessee for rent are medium sized and come with the standard utilities. That means standard furniture, plumbing, lighting, etc. For most renters that mean an impersonal place, they cannot change without the approval of the landlord. Plus, rentals have little storage space and, with your stuff lying around in the rooms, the place can look smaller than it is. There are some clever ways to make your rental look and feel bigger without investing too much money or time in it. Here are some interesting ideas for you!

One thing to do in your entire house is to make it look bigger with the help of open space and light and avoid clutter, darkness or shadow. Light can be obtained through many ways, but one thing you can do to enhance the space in the rental is to use mirrors. These reflect light and make the room feel bigger. Forget about only displaying mirrors in the bathroom or the bedroom, you can add them in the living space as well. You will be amazed how good space will look after that!

Most of the rental apartments out there are usually painted in white. While this is a good thing for space, because it makes it look bigger, it can get boring or impersonal. Replacing white with some light, warmer colors will give your rental a unique touch without making it feel cluttered or smaller than it is. Choose beige, dove white, china white or any light color with white in it to make your rental feel a little warmer and bigger at the same time!

To give a great contrast to the rooms without making them feel small, you can add a darker floor that contrasts with the walls. The trick is that a darker floor will create contrast which will create a warm atmosphere in the room and make it look more spacious. Plus, the walls will look taller, which will make the entire room look better. Add colorful rugs for a unique touch!

Someone bedroom apartments in Murfreesboro TN look very small, and it seems there is nothing you can do about it. But you can! A smart thing you can pull off when living in a rental is to remove doors from the house to make the rooms look bigger. Small rooms will instantly seem bigger, and space will be totally transformed. Keep the doors only for the bathrooms and remove them from the house. You will enjoy a much larger apartment after that!

Therefore, living in a small rental is not the end of the world. There are solutions to make it feel and look bigger without investing a fortune in it. If you just take into consideration all these great tips, you will end up feeling very comfortable in your renewed apartment!